About Us

DasFinancial is the gatekeeper to the DasNet ecosystem and is responsible for developing partnerships, projects and businesses to enhance the value of the network and benefit all its members.

A global team of entrepreneurs, finance professionals and leaders in the cryptocurrency sphere, we are passionate about cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and the ability of these technologies to have a positive impact on lives across the planet.

About DasFinancial


DasFinancial is responsible for the development and implementation of DasPay. DasPay is a full service payment platform, which will allow members of the DasNet ecosystem to transact using a physical pre-paid card or a virtual payment card via mobile device. DasPay users will be able to transact in both DasCoin and fiat currencies globally anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Advisory Services

DasFinancial provides advisory services to a wide range of companies across the global cryptocurrency and blockchain community. We believe strongly in working with governments and regulators across the planet to play an active role in the development of legal and regulatory frameworks that will help ensure the continued growth and universal acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

Global Currency Exchange

DasFinancial is building a global currency exchange platform, to allow members of the DasNet ecosystem to trade DasCoin in addition to a variety of other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Exchanges will be located in key geographies around the world. Trading education and tools to empower traders along with transparency and fair trading practices are the foundation of our platform.

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